I can restore your valuable and sentimental collectables such as: Porcelain Figurines, China tea pots, cups and saucers, dinner ware, Pottery vases, Ivory carvings etc. to their original condition​

I offer a complete professional restoration and repair service of all ceramic items. I repair Porcelain, restore China, Marble, Earthenware, Stoneware, Cloisonne, Enamel, and Ivory articles.

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About me

I run a professional restoration studio, situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

I specialize in the restoration of all ceramic, porcelain and pottery items. However restoration also extends to other materials such as resin, glass, jade, ivory, wood, stone, marble and enamelled articles.

In 2002, I completed the basic course in ceramics conservation at the ‘South African Institute for Objects Conservation’ (currently The South African Institute for Heritage Science and Conservation). During the past 20 years of extensive and successful studio experience, I have also successfully completed 5 additional modules (hailing from that former, short-course programme) at the Institute’s campus in Twee Riviere in the Eastern Cape.

I’ve done restorations for many of the antique and collectable dealers in Cape Town and surrounding areas as well as the three leading auction houses in Cape Town together with many of their customers.

Clarice Cliff book end broken in many pieces and on the right the restored Clarice Cliff book end.

Clarice Cliff Book end before restoration Clarice Cliff book end restored

I have restored over 1,500 items ranging from a small rim chip to a plate of no value except for its sentimentality to large Oriental vases, Tang Dynasty low fired clay ornaments, a large Lladro figure worth over R25,000 and a hand painted Ferdinand Leger plate with an estimated value of over R300,000.

All the restoration processes, from the initial cleaning to the final finishing and polishing, are done by hand, ensuring exquisite attention to detail, and an impressively flawless result.

I encourage correspondence and queries from restorers and clients alike, and my restoration quotations are issued at no charge and without obligation.

Because each job is different I quote individually depending on the requirements.

The quotation is worked out according to the size of the article, extent of damage, complexity and time it will take to restore the article. And also the materials and tools that will be used in the restoration process.

Please use the contact me form to arrange a quotation or
feel free to phone me for an obligation free informal chat about your restoration query

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