16100 DSC00372 crop16100 DSC00481
  Here is a selection of items that I have restored.

The images show the item Before and After restoration

Meissen plate broken into many pieces


Meissen plate restored

Shattered hand painted vase

After restoration

Antique ceramic tile broken into 6 pieces



Pot lid in pieces

Pot lid restored

Antique plate in 4 pieces

After restoration

Figurine – Head broken off

After restoration

Cloisonne bowl badly pitted

Cloisonne bowl re enamelled

Tang Dynasty low fired horse


African Bobbing Head doll Shattered



Ceramic Handle Knife Shattered

Ceramic Handle Knife Shattered



15870 DSC_4129

Italian hand painted pottery bowl – Rim chipped & broken into numerous pieces

15870 DSC_4191

After restoration

15882 DSC_4363

Ceramic light fitting – extensive crack from edge to centre


15885 DSC_4514

Ceramic vase with applied decoration – shattered

15885 DSC_4537

Ceramic vase after restoration

15894 DSC_4531

Hand painted pottery plate broken in 3 pieces

15894 DSC_4548

After restoration

15893 DSC_4532

Wall plate broken in 4 pieces
Note the differnt medium. This plate has applied transfer printing and has a high gloss glaze as apposed to the matt finish of the plate above

15893 DSC_4624

After restoration – Quite a different material and technique used

16135 DSC00561

Beswick swallow broken into ± 15 pieces with missing shards

16135 DSC00568

16123 DSC00536

Pottery bowl broken into ± 20 pieces

16123 DSC00557 crop

After restoration

16100 DSC00372 crop

Chinese vase broken into numerous pieces

16100 DSC00481

After restoration